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Forex Broker No Deposit Required I love so much this broker , Find the online Forex broker that suits you best. Get detailed information and special offers from  online Forex brokers, Broker details include information such as which currencies they offer trade, All new accounts receive $5.00 in their real money account just for registering. check  site :  Marketiva is a good, easy to use Forex Trading platform for smaller account holders.

forex brokerIts main focus is on newer traders, who have somewhat different needs from experienced traders. It is also an excellent choice for Islamic traders because Marketiva is a “swap-free” forex broker, meaning that rollover, or swap interest is not applied to any positions held overnight, in line with Sharia Law.

Within the trading platform is a chat program where traders can interact and exchange ideas about trading, and can also interact with support staff in several different languages. Higher end functionality is not available and liquidity can be a problem for larger orders, but a small retail trader is not likely to run into any problems.

Best Forex Broker bonus All new accounts receive $5.00 in their real money account just for registering. check  site :  Marketiva

Forex trading broker Forex Trading is trading currencies from different countries against each other

Forex Broker Review

Registered Business Name: Marketiva Corporation The name of the parent company of the broker, if any.
Broker Headquarters: British Virgin Islands The geographical location of the broker’s headquarters.
Regulated By: FSC (№ 646819) Which regulating body, if any, is responsible for regulating this broker?
In business since year: 2003 When was the business established? This is a measure of trustworthiness. If a business has been around for a long time, it is less likely to scam you or disappear overnight.
Client Account Segregation: Yes Some brokers choose on their own and others are required by regulators to keep client funds separate from the company’s operating capital. This gives clients an extra layer of security in case the broker becomes insolvent and needs to go into bankruptcy. It should be noted that segregation does NOT constitute absolute safety of client funds in case of bankruptcy, but is a significant step nonetheless.
Collect Taxes on Earnings: No Does this broker report client earnings to any tax authorities? If so, which ones?
Deposit/Withdrawal methods: What methods are available to deposit and withdraw money to and from your trading account?
Method Deposit Fee Withdrawal Fee
e-Dinar $0 $7 (Once only)
Liberty Reserve $0 $7 (Once only)
WebMoney $0 $7 (Once only)
Wire Transfer $0 $14

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Trading Details

Browser platform: No Does the broker offer a trading platform that can run in web browsers? If so, which one? Some brokers license their platforms from third-party providers, while some develop their own proprietary systems.
Downloadable platform: Novativa Streamster™ Does the broker offer a downloadable application for its platform? If so, which one? Some brokers license their platforms from third-party providers, while some develop their own proprietary systems.
Mobile platform: No Some brokers offer a simplified version of their trading platform that can run on mobile devices. Some of these brokers license their mobile platforms from third-party providers, while others develop their own proprietary mobile trading systems.
Phone dealing: No Does the broker offer clients a way to contact their dealing desk via telephone? This can be very helpful to traders who want to manage their positions when there is no internet connection available.
Order processing: Market Maker Does the broker pass your orders directly to a higher tier, or do they trade against you as a market maker?
Account Types Most forex brokers offer different account types to clients, normally depending on the size of the account. Different trading conditions apply to each account type, with smaller accounts usually being allowed smaller deal sizes, and larger accounts being given lower transaction costs, service, or promotions.
Account Types
Account Maximum leverage Minimum/Maximum deposit: Minimum/Maximum trade size:
Standard Account 100:1* $1/unlimited 1/300,000
Swap-free accounts Yes - no extra fees Does the broker offer accounts that do not carry any interest on positions held over night? This is of particular interest to Islamic traders who are prohibited from collecting/paying interest due to religious reasons. Some brokers levy additional charges for such accounts, because they are susceptible to abuse.
Tradeable Instruments: 17   + Show Details


The number of instruments that this broker has available to trade. If you click on the “Show Details” link, you will see the full list.
No Dealing Desk Execution: Yes Some brokers offer ‘no dealing desk’ execution, which means client orders are automatically routed. Please note that some brokers use automated dealing desks. For this purpose we only consider only manual execution as having a “dealing desk”.
Typical spread on EUR/USD: 2 pips (0.0002) EUR/USD spread during normal market conditions. Please note that the actual spread may be wider in illiquid market conditions.
Fixed spreads: No Some market makers decide to offer their clients fixed spreads, meaning that the spreads do NOT widen at any time, even during highly illiquid periods such as important economic releases. Please note however, that in most such cases, orders will be slipped or not executed, and that these fixed spreads are generally higher than variable spreads, and are not representative of the true market.
Guaranteed stop losses? Yes Some market makers offer a “no slippage” guarantee on some client orders. This is fairly common for stop-loss orders, but may also be expanded to include all standing orders.
Trailing Stops: None Many brokers offer traders the ability to set trailing stop-loss orders. These orders can be client-side or server-side. Since trailing stops are not real orders in the market, the trading platform has to take care of them. Client-side trailing stops run your computer and are only valid when your trading platform is open and online. Server-side trailing stops run on the broker servers, so they do not depend on you having the platform open.
OCO orders available: No Does the platform offer “One cancels other” order types?
If/then orders available: No Does the platform offer conditional order types?
Hedging capability: Yes (some restrictions apply) Does the broker allow traders to hold both long and short positions in the same currency at the same time?
Automated Trading: Does the platform offer traders the ability to program and deploy automated trading systems?
Trading Hours: Sun. 21:00GMT – Fri. 21:00GMT The forex is a 24/5 market but different brokers can choose different times at which they begin and their dealing each week. Some brokers offer “after hours” dealing. This normally incurs higher spread costs due to the thin liquidity though.
Timezone GMT This is the timezone of the broker’s chart data feed. It can be important in some cases, particularly when it comes to “Sunday bars” on the charts, which are usually not full day bars, and as a result can throw off some mechanical trading systems.
Scalping allowed: No The general rule is that market makers do not like scalping, while ECN/STP type brokers don’t mind it. Some brokers choose not to follow that rule though. The exact definition of what scalping is can vary from broker to broker also.
Account currencies available: AUD, CAD, CHF, EUR, GBP, JPY, USD Which currencies can your margin account be denominated in? Most brokers offer USD accounts, but an increasing number are starting to let clients have their accounts in EUR, JPY, GBP, and other currencies.
Platform languages: English Which languages is the broker’s trading platform available in?
Support languages: Many Which languages is the broker’s customer support available in?
Demo account: Unlimited Does the broker offer free demo accounts, and if so, for how long?
Live chat support: Yes – within trading platform Does this broker have live chat support, and when is it available?
Interest on Margin: No
Promotions & tournaments: $5.00 real money free for all new accounts (no deposit necessary). Does the broker offer any additional incentives to traders, such as bonuses on their deposits, or trading tournaments with real prizes?

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